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Here's what breeders are saying...

I discovered Alpacaease/Herdease last year. When I first found it, I wasn't sure if I would get the use out of it that would justify the financial investment. I couldn't have been more wrong! I don't know how we managed our herd without it. The program's capabilities are astounding. We track information for all animals on our property in this software (even meat birds coming in even if its just date arrived and date sent for processing). If you have a farm I would consider this software as a must have to manage your farm. Once you have it and start using it you won't know how you ever managed without it. The interface is very user friendly and the support is incredible! If you are looking for a herd management software, then I would highly recommend this software. If you need more information, feel free to contact me.

-D Van Vugt    Double V Ranch Alpacas         (05/17/2014)
Just wanted to take a moment and thank you for developing the mobile app. I am in the middle of spring cria season with 4 here and 1 one the way. It is sooo nice to enter those daily weights while I am in the barn. Also getting the data from my phone to the computer or computer to the phone is easy once you understand how. I just keep one sheet of instructions handy when I am ready to sync. Again thanks for alpacaease and the mobile app.

-Janice Robinson    Just Right Alpacas         (05/01/2014)
Wanted to say THANK YOU!!! You are such a big help to me. I know I could not of done it without you!! Love this program. Need to use it more!

-Robin Vasquez    R & R Ranch         (04/30/2014)
So far I have figured out how to do everything I have needed to do. I have only input basic information and medical records so far. I am learning as I go, but it has all been very easy to navigate up to this point. Next thing for me to do is use the breeding portion for our goats and cattle. I learned of this program when we got our first two alpacas in January. The breeder gave us all of their records and they were printed out with the program name on the pages. I looked it up on the computer because I liked how it documented everything I would ever need to know about the two animals we got and when I found it also covered other species I was thrilled! Now I am keeping track of our highland cattle, fainting goats, horses, dog and cats as well. It is nice to know I can get help, if I need it, to navigate anything I may have trouble with in the future.

-Sue Bryan    Hills n Holla Farm         (2/8/2014)
I love this program!! Still much to learn, there is so much I can do with it.

-Christina Wilson    The Realm         (2/5/2014)
We have been using AlpacaEASE since our farm's inception when we began with Version 4. We are currently on the latest release of Version 6 and truly believe AlpacaEASE to be the best herd management software available, by far. We use both the herd management portion as well as the financial portion of the package. Our accountant likes the financial reports produced by AlpacaEASE better than he did the reports created by Quick Books. Plus, AlpacaEASE is much easier to install, use and maintain than Quick Books. As long as we have alpacas, we'll have AlpacaEASE. Try it, you'll like it...

-Greg Andrews    Little Hummers Alpaca Farm         (1/7/2014)
Thank you so much, Ellen! The recovery worked and I lost NO data. I will now do my backup and upgrade. Thanks again for your awesome product and exceptional customer service!!

-Vicki Fossum    Denalibelay Alpacas         (06/11/2013)
I have used AlpacaEase since 2005 and have been consistently satisfied with the quality of the program plus the support that Ellen provides in upgrades. We have 67 alpacas, and I could not possibly keep everything straight and on-track without this program. Just today I had a circumstance where a young vet who was doing some research only wanted females 6 years old and younger. It was a snap with AlpacaEase. I also find the birthing section extremely helpful. Thanks for all of your excellent programming!

-Kate Lathrop    Great Rock Alpacas         (06/10/2013)
Thank you so much for your excellent customer support! When I e-mailed yesterday I honestly didn't expect a reply until today at the earliest, it was a Sunday after all - I was just e-mailing then so that I didn't forget in the midst of "baby-brain". Your prompt reply and repair has blown me away. Your customer service is superb. Keep up the great work!

-Joy Ayala    Pootcorners         (06/10/2013)
I just wanted to let you know how much I like the new features on my Mac and really love the ability to update info while in the field with the animals before I have a chance to come inside and forget all about it until days later and then tax my memory with many corrections as I remember little by little what I actually did outside! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have made our lives so easy.

-Sandi Ridge    Shady Ridge Alpacas         (05/08/2013)
I simply can't thank you enough for your help yesterday. As a new user, a new Mac user, and a soon to be new alpaca owner it can all become a bit overwhelming. I've spent a little over an hour this morning while having my coffee to go through the AlpacaEASE application, check out the screens, add some contacts, and otherwise "play". What a wonderful tool you've designed. I really appreciate the thought that what went into designing your application. It's really elegant and very intuitive. Thanks again for getting me over the hump!

-Deborah Mas    Rocky Hammock Alpacas         (04/07/2013)
I just noticed the list option in displaying your herd, cool. I really like all the changes you've made. Frankly, I don't know how you keep track of it all. Very impressive. Thanks.

-Susan Sheridan     AlpacaSus         (04/01/2013)
You are a saint:) Thank you so much for all you do. We truly appreciate you and the super customer service you provide. Love that you added the Codon box [registry certificate] for the sheep as well. Makes it easy having it all in the same place.

-DeAnn Baldwin    Fairview Farms         (03/31/2013)
I just completed the upgrade from 5 to version 6. Upgrade went smoothly, everything happened just as described in the instructions. After only a few minutes of looking through all the pages, I like it...Thanks

-Bob Provost    Hickory Ridge Farm Alpacas         (03/23/2013)
Yesterday, I upgraded to Version 6, and it worked perfectly. Thank you for sending good instructions, and making it an easy process.

-Carol Vernay    Sweet Pines Alpacas         (03/23/2013)
Thanks again, Ellen, for your typical great support for a problem I had installing your new release. Version 6 of AE offers yet another suite of enhancements and "goodies" that continue to improve my AlpacaEase tool, which is indispensable to my alpaca business.

-Jim Tomaszek    SafeHouse Farm Alpacas         (03/23/2013)
We've used AlpacaEase for nearly ten years now since purchasing a beta version from you at your booth at AlpacaFest West when you were first getting started with AE. We've recommended it to a lot of folks over the years and everyone seems very happy with the program. I know we are....

-Rick & Pam Brady    Oak Valley Alpaca     (03/16/2013)
Just want to say thanks for all your help. Keep up the good work and I will keep telling alpaca owners about your program.

-Lois Brace    Dream on a Stream Alpaca Ranch         (03/06/2013)
Got v6 up and running. You never cease to amaze me with this program. I spent most of the day playing with new features. Absolutely love the changes and can't say enough about the automatic backup. I can't even imagine where it will go from here, but I know you will think of something. Thanks so much for all you do to make our lives easier. We would be lost without you!!!!

-DeAnn Baldwin    Fairview Farms         (02/28/2013)
We would like to be added to your customer list on your website. I am a big lover of AlpacaEase and promote whenever I can.

-Suzanne Thomas    Snow Mountain Alpacas, LLC         (02/07/2013)
You may include our information on your customer reference list. I have been impressed with the software. Much more user friendly than our last software. Thanks for keeping it updated.

-Dan and Carola White    Arrowpoint Farm, LLC Alpacas         (01/15/2013)
Wanted to thank you again for straightening my problem out. I'm having fun moving my photos in to the photo file. Looking much more organized.

-Janet Rodgers     Rodgers' Reserve Alpaca Farm         (12/21/2012)
I love AlpacaEASE. I'm really excited about how I see it helping me manage my small (but growing) farm. I've downloaded my registered Alpacas from ARI (that's a cool feature!) and I've begun entering data. I also love how the program constantly reminds me to backup my data.

-Lorelei Locke     Shadowfax Alpacas         (12/15/2012)
I am now down to just a few fiber boys and am not maintaining the extensive medical records that I did with a large breeding herd. I will, however, continue to recommend your software to people with breeding herds or more than a handful of animals. I have been a software designer/developer for over 40 years and as a result I tend to be pretty critical of a lot of software I run across. AlpacaEase is one of the exceptions. You have done an excellent job with both the software and customer service. Kudos!

-Joan Clappier     Opus Two Alpacas         (12/11/2012)
I just have to say that this program is phenomenal and I tell all my friends about it. One friend was keeping all her herd of over 100 llamas in binders with hand entries. I told her about this program and she is so excited. Once she gets her herd entered, she will be saving thousands of hours of work. You are the best!!

-Mary Adams    Wild Oak Llamas         (11/26/2012)
Just in case no one else tells you.... Thank you.. Your the best..

-Lee & Linda Beringsmith    LinLee Llamas         (11/26/2012)
I would like to publicly thank Ellen not only for the amazing program that she created but the help that she gives to use the program. She stayed on a call with me today for 2 hours and was able to clean up the mess I made! Thank you Ellen and keep up the amazing work! I recommend your program to everyone who comes to our farm!

-Denise Spina    Humming Meadows Alpacas         (2012)
I'd like to give a testimonial on your website for the unwavering customer support that you've always given me; not that I've had many issues but any I have had you have been very prompt in replying and fixing any issues I've experienced. In an age of so little customer service your dedication to your customers is so very appreciated!

-Terrie Reynolds    Bear Garden Farms         (2012)
I totally love AE and so does our accountant!

-Micki Colloton    Steelhead Ranch         (2012)
We would very much like to be included in your Happy Customers List

-John and Jennifer Ely    Sage Bluff Alpacas         (2012)
We would love to be added to your Customers list. We have been using Alpacaease for a few years and absolutely love it!

-Erin and Brandon Greene    Last Penny Farm Alpacas
Thank you so much Ellen. Your responsiveness is world class and deeply appreciated. I feel I have bought a programme from a friend and not a company. Add me to your testimonial list if you wish!

-Damien Dyar    Burren Alpaca (Ireland)         (2012)
You are gooooooooood!! Just want to tell you that everything worked perfectly when I finally managed to get the shortcut in place. My relief is beyond description I can tell you....having the hard disk crash has been a tedious much stuff lost due to not doing backups regularly. Thank heaven I followed your advice to backup AlpacaEase to a USB drive. Do not know how I would ever be able to compile the invaluable information I, by now, have in there....just imagining what kind of time it would take brings tears to my eyes. Everything seems to work..birthdates and all..thank you so much for your prompt and clever help....

-Madeleine Kihlberg    Kusipacha Alpacka (Sweden)         (2012)
I am having fun playing with my trial AlpacaEASE and will be going ahead to buy it. I am not a computer-using fan (I would rather be outside) and for me to be able to get around within alpacaEASE just by following my nose or thoughts, is great, so it must be user-friendly! I am looking fwd to getting familiar with and using many of the nifty things it can do ! I have already recommended it to several other alpaca-breeding friends here.

-Denise Moysey    Arcadian Alpacas (Australia)         (2012)
Thank you so very much for your time and patience working with me to update and re-install my AlpacaEASE program into my computer. Between my schedule, playing phone tag and me being sick with a cold, after three days we did manage to get every thing straightened around and up to date. I really appreciate how you always return my calls and help me thru any questions or problems I might have. Again, Thank you so very much, you are wonderful!

-Noreen Vaughan    Arizona Alpacas         (2012)
You may add Zena Suri Alpacas to your list of satisfied customers.

-Kathleen Callan    Zena Suri Alpacas         (2012)
Thanks so much for all your help and patience. I REALLY appreciate it.

-Mary Ann Stroka    A Stroka Gene-Us Alpacas         (2012)
I purchased HerdEASE today and truly appreciate the ease of use, custom reports and your terrific customer service! Thanks so much and I've recommended your software to my latest customers already.

-Sara Davis    Oak Hollow Livestock         (2012)
Your program is so user friendly. I wish all software was as well written as yours. Thank you for such a great program. Keep up the awesome work.

-Dave & Karen Galbraith    Walnut Creek Alpacas         (2012)
Just wanted to tell you how pleased I was to find "labels" for shearing in the report menu. How exciting is that! Made getting ready for shearing this weekend a breeze. No more writers cramp. Wondered if you would consider finding room on the "label" for microchip numbers? I know, I know - we're never happy and always bugging you about something.....But I'm really enjoying the version 5. Feel like I traded in my chevy for a cadilac :o) I've managed to get all my pictures updated and loaded in there. My Gosh! We can even have more than one picture on the web! You're great!

-Rena Stettner    Reflections Alpaca Ranch         (2012)
After yesterday's catastrophe (almost) I only have praises to say about you and your degree of support.

-Leah and Howard Jungkind    Hawks Willow Ranch Alpacas         (2012)
This upgrade is phenominal!!!!! I can't tell you how much I like this and the functionality and the information that is right at hand. I am getting rid of about 5 spreadsheets that I will no longer need due to now having the information just a click away in the AEHEv5! Love it...

-David Long    The 1 Alpaca Farm, LLC         (2012)
Thank you Ellen for all your help & support; your software programming is elite and your personal committment is shining

-Lauri Noll    Harmony Farmette Alpacas         (2012)
I was able to do the ARI extracts today with no issues! I am so impressed with that function. I spent over 10 hours manually entering in all my animals information when we first got the program... the ancestry, ARI info, etc. and to know that I could have done all that in less than 30 minutes was pretty awesome. I can't say this enough, but you have a wonderful program!

-Cole Younger    Younger's Alpaca Farm         (2012)
I really do like using AlpacaEASE for all our business records. You have a great product!!!!

-Fred & Maggie Palmblad    Bedrock Alpacas         (2012)
Ellen, seems to work great! Thanks so much. Glad you found and fixed the birth record ID problem also. You're wonderful. I will recommend all new alpaca owners should buy your program. You just don't get this kind of service and support anywhere else.

-Bill Buchner    Alpacas of Greater Tennessee         (2012)
Thank you so very much for your assistance on Mother's Day 2010 to get my AlpacaEASE up and running after a hard-drive crash. The demonstration of new features in Version 5 was priceless and I am very impressed with the utilities that are now included, such as payment-tracking, and the down-load capability from sites like ARI and Alpacanation. Those features alone will save a great deal of input time and make it simple to do, as opposed to switching back and forth between programs, printing out information and then typing it into a data screen. Your support services are wonderful and your programming skills amazing. I highly recommend this product to anyone in the alpaca business.

-Lucy Farrar    Front Range Alpacas LLC         (2012)
Love love love this software! Played with it for about 2 hours tonight. Started loading lots of medical records, weights, etc. Thanks so much for getting this up and running for me. I've still got a lot to input, but at least now I know it's all working just fine.

-Linda Lintz    Rolling Springs Alpacas         (2012)
We are very pleased with the version 5 Alpacaease updates. Thank you. We would recomend this record keeping system to all alpaca breeders.

-Gary Preston    Suri Country Alpacas         (2012)
I have just upgraded to Version 5 and am absolutely delighted with it. I never really felt that I needed anything more than my previous version, but Version 5 has incorporated things I never would have thought of. Data is now even easier to record and track. And the new look is wonderful. In my opinion, AlpacaEase is the biggest bargain in the alpaca industry, not just the best buy in software, but the biggest bang for our buck of any industry service. I'm sure that Ellen could charge a lot more and get it, but what she really seems to be doing is enjoying the satisfaction of seeing a need and meeting it for an awful lot of alpaca breeders. Thanks, Ellen!

-Larry & Helen Hornbake    Alpacas of Gettysburg         (2012)
Just wanted to tell you how much this program helps our business. Please feel free to list us as one of your customers!

-Corry Pratt    Northern Solstice Alpaca Farm         (2012)
I just wanted to let you know I got my software working over the network between my PC and Mac and I absolutely love it.

-Deb Dorband    Mountain Sky Ranch/Alpacas         (2012)
We have tried basically all animal databases out there, & I have yet to find one that is better than AlpacaEase, or one where the service is so good, quick, & reliable. Our clients are just amazed at how fast we have records at our fingertips, & how professional everything looks. AlpacaEase is also very user friendly. You don't have to be a computer genius to use it. It is also cross-platform friendly, which makes it easy for us Mac/PC people. I thought v4 was good, but when v5 came out, there was no comparison. Besides the asthetics being drastically improved, there are many major improvements, including breeding/ancestorial multi-level lookups, journaling, AN & ARI data importation, & much, much more. Another thing, is that Alpaca/HerdEASE, is not restricted to just can use it for any other kind of animal with ease. Kudos to Ellen! I would recommend this to anyone.

-Sarah Pinkerton   Rockford Bay Alpacas         (2012)
We would be happy to give testimonials to anyone interested in purchasing your program. Thanks for all you do. We love the new updates.

-Robert & DeAnn Baldwin   Fairview Farms Alpacas         (2012)
I chose your program for several reasons: I loved your program right from the start. Easy navigating, the layout and figuring out was easy. Your quick response and helpful answers were what sold me on your program. Yours was so easy to use that within my trial time of using it I had my entire herd in there already. It was just that simple. I have continued to promote your program and only your program to several farms that were in need of one plus 3 new farms we are doing business with. I will continue to do so because your program has done so much for me already and many others. If others contact you and need a reference please don't hesitate to put me at the top of the list. Thank you for giving the alpaca community such a terrific program to manage our herd.

-Renae Ruple    Indian Prairie Alpacas         (2012)
Love the Program!

-Lisa Coughlin    Rogue Valley Alpacas         (2012)
Even for my little herd, AlpacaEase has taken the work out of keeping records. No need to reinvent the wheel when this program does it all for you. Thank you!

-Deborah Low    Near Sawrey Farm Alpacas         (2012)
I only got version 5 loaded the other day, but WOW!! What a change from version 4! The graphics are great and it really seems like you can find your way around easier!! I look forward to playing with it in the near future!

-Terri & Andy Kinka    Golden Glen Alpacas         (2012)
I believe the AlpacaEASE management program and support service is the best in the industry. I make this statement after struggling with a variety of software programs that had strains of sound business applications, but not a management package as comprehensive as the AlpacaEASE program. As an active business, AlpacaEASE gives us the tools and a wealth of herd management options to meet our on-going changes. The two tools that greatly enhance our ranch is the financial management functions and the herd data base tracking system. In addition, the support for AlpacaEASE is highly professional as they have taken time to understand our unique issues, and research any problems with timely communication and feedback. I would recommend AlpacaEASE management systems to any Alpaca ranch.

-Douglas Greer    Stone Circle Alpaca         (2012)
I have been very pleased with AlpacaEASE. Although I do not use everything that is available, it is easy to use, and the customer service I receive is wonderful. I would recommend this program to anyone, even if they are not very good with computers.

-Donna Lamarche    Royal Oaks Alpacas         (2012)
I first started with AlpacaEase version 1 beta. With each tweak and upgrade it has continually improved. Ellen outdid herself with Version 5. The ability to pull ancestry info from ARI saves a lot of work, and ensures that the data is accurate. AlpacaEase 4 set the bar for herd management software. AlpacaEase 5 moved the bar up to the moon.

-Rick Horn   All American Alpacas         (2012)
The v5 is by far the best update yet. My favorite part is being able to get the ancestry from ARI to automatically download.

-Dennis Miller    Alpaca Palms         (2012)
I have used AlpacaEase since we bought our first alpacas, in fact, we started with version 1 or 2. I have continued to use this software through the years, it makes tracking the animals and all of their info super easy! This software keeps the financial information in one place as well, so I have not had to purchase additional software to manage that part of the business. I highly recommend this!

-Pat Heavener    Tranquility Alpacas         (2012)
You can use us as a reference any time. I have been more than pleased with not only the AlpacaEase program but also with the service. You have been great to work with now for more than 4 years, and I don't really have any complaints at all. You provide the alpaca industry with a great product and back it up with excellent customer service.

-Ben Augustyn    Augustyn Acres Alpacas         (2012)
I just love AlpacaEASE!

-Bonnie L. Klingman    Heaven's Gate Alpacas         (2012)
There are many great new features in AlpacaEase Version 5. I especially like the import of data directly from ARI which is a time saver for us as we have many different boarders. I also like the group scheduling of procedures we perform on a regular basis, easy to setup and implement. The overall look and functionality is much improved from the earlier versions, easier to get around.

-Mike Arndt    The Alpaca Hacienda         (2012)
I do believe we started using your program as soon as we heard of it. Fantastic easy to use program.

-Jennifer Apostoli    Pacific Sun Alpacas (Canada)         (2012)
We have used AlpacaEASE since I purchased the BETA version from you in November 2003 at the Alpacafest West at the Firestone vineyard. I would be lost without it so I do my backups to a thumb drive, my backup hard drive and also install it on my lap top. It does everything to run the bookkeeping I need for the ranch.

-John & Jann Foulke    Critterville Alpacas         (2012)
Thanks for an excellent product and awesome support.

-Tom Goehring    Ranch of the Oaks         (2012)
I am new to AlpacaEase but so far I love it. Getting all the old information in is time consuming but now that I have most of it in I can really see the benifit of using this program.

-Diane Troutman    A Turning Point Alpacas         (2012)
We are very happy with the new version 5!

-Bernadette & Ron Oberley    New Venture Alpaca         (2012)
AlpacaEase is the best management program we have encountered and caters for all our herd management needs. County Alpacas would recommend the program to all alpaca owners whether you have just a few or hundreds. The service from Ellen Gurewitz is also second to none. You only have to ask a question and you can be assured she will respond immediately with a solution or answer.

-Shaun and Julie Daniel    County Alpacas (UK)         (2012)
Love the new AlpacaEASE v5! It makes keeping our herd records simple, and it takes much less time then even the old version! Much more user friendly--worth the upgrade/purchase!

-Angie & Mike Fulfer    Moose Ridge Alpacas         (2012)
It works great!!! And with the added fields for the custom reports I was able to export everything I needed for our feed charts!!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

-Heather Brooks    Heatherbrook Farms, LLC         (2012)
I wanted you to know how impressed I am with your new version 5. So many cool, useful additions in your new version. Thanks for making such a quality product!

-Kathy Schwartz    Blue Earth River Farm Alpacas
AlpacaEase is user-friendly and intuitive. The ability to import and export data to other AlpacaEase users is a great convenience, ensuring that all the information transfers from one farm to another when an animal is purchased or sold. If animals are going to a farm without AlpacaEase, the ability to provide printed information on each alpaca offers an organized and professional impression. The financial module is an enormous help in preparing tax returns! The reminder option is very helpful, in particular for herd health procedures that occur annually and at different times for different herd members. In the version 5 upgrade, I especially appreciate the option that allows duplication of a previous herd health entry, providing greater ease of data entry. Purchasing AlpacaEase was one of the best business decisions I have made!

-Kathie Langen    Black Creek Farms
We LOVE AlpacaEASE! We use it all the time, and am so grateful for it. Keep up the good work.Ê

-Gwen Coltrin    Diamond Triple C Ranch
I am one of AlpacaEase/HeardEast inaugural users and am ecstatic over the current update provided with the v5 version including user friendly tabs. The report center now provides a cria weight history report by date range which we find very important to review weekly. Customer support cannot be better and Ellen is always open to positive suggestions for future updates. We thank her for her dedication to the Alpaca industry and a "state of the art" herd management program!

-Lona Nelsen Frank    ALPACAS of Tualatin Valley, llc
Love the program, and will happily recommend it to other breeders in Australia

-Jenni Johnston    Incan Treasure Alpacas (Australia)
Ellen...your software has been a positive addition to our herd management. In addition, you are always there to help.

-Mickey Wright    Aspen Ridge Alpacas
I like the format in v5 better, it is much easier to navigate. The herd page being the default page with all the different tabs. Then being able to go to different categories with their different tabs. The more I work with it the more little goodies I find.

-Wayne England    Windy Hill Alpacas
I love the new upgrade (v5) as it is much more intuitive & user friendly. The only improvement I could see would be a way for the calendar to send you an email when procedures, etc. are due. Other than that, love the program!

-Susan Heimerdinger    Suz Silky Suri Alpaca Farm
Finally had time to do the upgrade and on first glance, it is wonderful. So much easier to follow the information. Thank you.

-Hayley Jessup    Alpacas at West Ranch
Just a note to compliment you on Version 5 of AlpacaEase. The upgrade was easy and this total rewrite is outstanding. I no longer work in 'boxes' but am able to glide through the software with complete ease. Thanks for your continued product improvements and excellent support.

-Jim Tomaszek    SafeHouse Farm Alpacas
I finally upgraded to v5 - What a difference! Thanks for the great user friendly software and easy to follow instructions

-Nicole Glatfelter    Great Escape Alpaca Ranch LLC
Just wanted to thank you for the easy way to import records--even pictures. Snowed in here and playing with Alpacaease. Your product is the best. Although we are a mid size ranch with 23 animals--I have found AlpacaEase to be absolutely a necessity for organizing the many pieces of information necessary to keep our records updated and correct. It is so easy to maneuver. I recommend this product to ANYONE who is in the alpaca business. This product should be one of the first things considered after fencing to keep your alpaca business organized!

-Janice and John Robinson    JR Alpacas
The new version is much more user friendly and easy to use. We love it. Our tax accountant loves the financial support it provides also.

-Andrea & John Niehaus    A & J Suri Alpacas
Ellen, just loaded the new version and have only been using it for 10 min - absolutely LOVE it! is running effortlessly on a Mac 10.5.8 CUDOS!

-Lori A Dziedzic   Flatland Alpacas
The new update is fantastic!!

-Margaret Long    Little Gidding Farm
As a long time user of AlpacaEASE, I definitely noticed the changes in the software. I love the new v5 upgrade. It has so many changes making it more user friendly. I particularly like the calendar, the way of updating medical/weight info, and the breeding section. Thanks for continuing to better the software.

-John & Lita Murphy    Prairieland Peruvian Alpacas
You can include our farm on your page. We are very happy with herdease, it makes our big farm alot easier to do paperwork on!

-Martina Horwath    Thunder Bay Alpacas
I started in alpacas when paper and a 3-ring binder were the norm for tracking herd health. It wasn't until I received a detailed printout years ago from a breeding farm in Pennsylvania using AlpacaEase that I immediately got motivated to give my business a more polished image by converting to AlpacaEase. With each upgrade I'm amazed. I'm also amazed by Ellen's patience with me in assisting with the upgrades. Great job.

-Mary Hagen    Alpaca Heights
First of all, what a great update! Can't believe all the wonderful new features! The new look is great, the whole program is much easier to navigate and many hiccups from the previous version are now gone. BTW, when we spoke and I was a little disappointed that wheel scrolling still didn't work. Come to find out it appears that scrolling does in fact work in most if not all windows. Just another great surprise! Thanks for your help and again for such a nice upgrade!

-Michael Phillips    American Star Alpaca Company
We love your new look and upgrades. You have made a good program GREAT!!

-Martha Dobbins    Encore Alpacas
I love AlpacaEase! It is so nice to use and looks really great! Keep up the great work! Your software program is very easy to use and figure out! I couldn't keep track of my animals without it! I love the ancestry check when checking out who I can breed together! It has everything in one place! Kudos to AlpacaEase.

-Jody Ehler    J & J Alpacas
So very glad we've converted to AlpacaEASE, and it just keeps getting better.

-Trixi Lloyd    Datrix Alpacas
Ellen, I just wanted to say what a pleasure it is to use a piece of software that actually does the job as advertised. The more I use it, the more features I find that I really like. I'm a software engineer / project manager and I really appreciate quality. Thanks and keep up the great work.

-Marshall Lawrence     Star-K Alpaca Ranch, LLC
The new format is great & easy to work with.

-Debbie Whitley    Whispering Hollow Alpaca Farm
Just wanted to say thank you for your program's constant "harping" on us to backup everytime we logout! Last week my hard drive crashed, and one of the things I DON'T have to worry about is my alpacaease info. Thanks!

-Karen Cubic     Cubic's Country Alpacas
We love your product and your customer support is second to none. Thanks.

-Nancy Barkoviak     BlueGenes Alpaca Ranch