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Download times will vary depending on your internet speed. With high-speed internet, download times average about 2-5 minutes. Slower speeds may run up to an hour.

Download AlpacaEASE/HerdEASE Version 6 HERE...

  • Download for MAC

    AlpacaEASEv6 will not run correctly on High Sierra OS 10.13. If you plan to run AlpacaEASEv6 on a MAC, please do not upgrade to High Sierra. I am in the process of upgrading to AlpacaEASEv7, which will be migrated to the Filemaker 16 platform and is certified to run on all of the latest operating systems for both MAC & PC.

PC and MAC: AlpacaEASE/HerdEASEv6 can also be run cross-platform between MAC and PC computers!
Download & install the PC version first, then, download & install the MAC executable file

Have a slow internet connection or can't get the download to work... Click here to request a CD

Be sure to unzip/extract the downloaded folder and follow the Installation Instructions provided.

If you need assistance or have any questions, just send an email to Ellen at