Manage your herd not your Software!   

Download times will vary depending on your internet speed. With high-speed internet, download times average about 2-5 minutes. Slower speeds may run up to an hour.

Download AlpacaEASE/HerdEASE HERE...

  • Download for MAC

    AlpacaEASEv7 is available for MAC users now; your MAC download above is AEv7. This version fully works in High Sierra.
    The download for PC users is still AlpacaEASEv6. An upgrade to AEv7 will be available shortly; it is still being tested for PC use. The upgrade to AEv7 is free to all registered users. If you download and purchase AlpacaEASEv6, you will receive the AEv7 upgrade notice and link as soon as it is available.

Have a slow internet connection or can't get the download to work... Click here to request a CD

Be sure to unzip/extract the downloaded folder and follow the Installation Instructions provided.

If you need assistance or have any questions, just send an email to Ellen at